Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Electric Scooters

Many people love the freedom of riding a motorcycle as well as the economical value it offers, especially now with fuel costs at an all time high. However, some people just are not comfortable operating a motorcycle. An alternative is to choose an electric scooter. They are also very economical and easy to operate. This is a great option for a ride around town. I know many parents who compromise purchasing their teenager a scooter rather than a real motorcycle. Scooters also cost less than a motorcycle.

Safety is a must when operating an electric scooter. It is important that you wear a helmet and long-sleeved shirts and pants to prevent road rash. You also have to follow the rules of the road. Too many people have the misconception that a scooter can be operated like a bicycle than a motor vehicle on the road. In many countries you have to get a motorcycle license to legally operate one on the road. Children must be of legal age to drive one as determined by the regulations of their country.

Electric scooters are often referred to as mopeds as well. They are very friendly environment so you do not have to worry about the problem of pollution. Many of the features on this scooter is like motorcycles including seats, brakes, tires, and turn signals. While the scooter is definitely easier to learn to ride, they will not offer the same speed as the motor bike. Do not expect to get one and take off like the wind. You also will not want to ride them on the interstate highway or because they simply were not designed for this type of speed or travel.

Depending on the type of electric scooter you purchase, you can anticipate spending from $ 200 to $ 1,000. The price is very reasonable, so when you find one that fits you perfectly. There are many styles and colors are available from various manufacturers. Many women love operating a scooter as opposed to a bike due to differences in weight.

You will also find that the scooter design features of standing or sitting. Young children certainly seem to support the stand up type but it certainly will not be comfortable when you're there for a long time. You also will not have the storage space if you need to bring anything with you.

Most electric scooters require very little maintenence, further adding your transportation savings. In most cases, you will be able to perform basic maintenance and even repairs yourself. You may be wondering how fuel efficient electric scooters. While savings will vary depending on the specific model, many of them could get 60 miles per gallon of fuel.

Since electric scooters do not take up much space and they are mild, may college kids prefer to use one instead of the car. They could even ride around campus and secure bike racks. Most of them can get up to 30 MPH so a quick trip to town or maybe even the grocery store with one.

Electric scooter continues to grow in popularity in regions where high fuel and great weather most of the year. Consumers looking for an economical means of transportation, and they have found the electric scooter. You can find a lot of information about them on the internet as well as motorcycle and electric stores.
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