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Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

For anyone who likes to ride a motorcycle, attending various demonstrations are a real treat. They provide fun opportunities to enjoy your motorcycle, get to know other riders, and have a break from the daily grind. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an annual event held in Sturgis South Dakota. The rally has been held every year since 1938, and continues to grow in size each year. In the early days, the main attraction is the spectacular rise in motorcycle draw top riders from around the world. This annual event was canceled in 1944 and 1945 due to fuel storage as a result of the war.

Keep in mind that each state has its own laws to follow their bikes. When entering South Dakota to reach Sturgis, you will have to comply with these laws. They are tight and you do not want to ruin your trip by having a serious fine to pay as a result of the violation of law.

Each motorcycle must have at least one light, and a maximum of two allowed. There also needs to be at least one tail light that is in working condition. Handle bars on the bike can not be higher than the shoulders of individuals who operate them. Motorcycle helmets are mandatory for anyone under the age of 18. However, they are highly recommended for anyone riding a motorcycle.

Eye protection is required for each individual on a motorcycle, regardless of whether they are operators or riders. Eye protection may not be colored after dusk. Noise ordinances are also enforced so make sure you have a motorcycle muffler on it. Motorcycle operators much have a valid motorcycle license. If not, their bikes will be confiscated.

While you are encouraged to have a great time while attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, strict code enforcement. This is due to the sheer volume of people. There are fines for public intoxication, fighting, indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, reckless driving. There's also Zero Tolerance laws on drugs. No matter which type of drug or amount, you will be arrested and prosecuted.

There are many great places to hang out while attending the Sturgis Rally. There are also many great concerts going on every night. Some people decide to get married in Sturgis as well! There are many activities of food, fun, and motorcycles to keep you entertained for the entire rally.

If you have a motorcycle and enjoy attending rallies, then you should plan to attend the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally this August. Keep in mind that thousands of people attend each year. It is important for you to plan ahead and schedule your accommodation. Many who came to the rally decided to stay in tents they carry. Others prefer the comfort of a hotel.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an annual tradition for many motorcycle owners. Many of them have made a family tradition with fathers, sons, brothers, and even grandfathers all traveling together. An average of 500,000 riders make their way to Sturgis each year to participate in the many events and wonderful entertainment. It's a few days to enjoy being around other bikers and pleasure trip to get there.
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