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Getting a Motorcycle License

To operate a motorcycle on the streets, one must get a motorcycle license. You do not need a license to operate a dirt bike as long as you stay off the streets. The procedure to do this varies by state. In most states, you can obtain one at the age of 16, the same age to get a regular driver's license it. This process involves a written test and a driving test motorcycle.

Please note that if you are caught operating a motorcycle without a valid license, you face the same punishment in the state you are driving a motor vehicle without a valid license. It is also very likely that your motorcycle will operate confiscated. Nationwide, 32% of motorcycle accidents involve those who do not hold a valid motorcycle license. Likewise, any person who has a suspended or revoked driver's license will not be allowed to get a motorcycle license either.

Every state offers a motorcycle operator manual you to review for free. In some states, you can even review the information online. It is very important that you read the manual thoroughly and ask about any information you do not understand. The information in this manual is what will be on the test you are required to pass the knowledge to obtain a valid motorcycle license.

In some countries, you will then be issued a motorcycle learners permit. This allows you to practice operating a motorcycle with the help of another licensed motorcycle rider. After a set amount of time or a set number of hours of exercise, then you will be able to take a motorcycle operator skills test. Make you to bring up the safety equipment required for your country. For countries that do not issue a motorcycle learner permit, you will be issued a license you successfully pass both the written and skills tests.

Make sure you have spent a lot of time going over the proper procedures for operating a motorcycle before you attempt to take a test of skill. Administration of the test is very tight due to the risk of operating a motorcycle comes with. Some of the same rules apply as when testing for a traditional driver's license including looking in your mirrors, using signal lights, stopping appropriately, watching for pedestrians, and obeying posted speed limits.

Some common motorcycle skills that will be tested on include starting your motorcycle, stopping, turning, and balancing the bike. In some countries, they set up an obstacle for motorcycle testing that you should be able to maneuver through. You can ask the local Department of Motor Vehicles what to expect on the skills test. It gives you plenty of time to practice particular skills before you test.

To determine the specific requirements including age, testing, cost, and other information necessary to obtain a motorcycle license in your country please contact your local department of motor vehicles. You can also find information on the internet. If you are interested in learning to operate a motorcycle but did not have anyone to teach you, consider enrolling in a motorcycle instructional course. This is a great way to develop the skills you need to operate a motorcycle safely and properly. You will also get a discount from insurance company motor if you can verify you successfully complete the class.
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