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How Vehicle Tracking Benefit Your Company?

How can vehicle tracking help specific companies?

Since I've started working on Business Vehicle Tracking I have been amazed by the diversity of vehicle tracking and how it can help almost any company that has a vehicle. I have been dealing with a company that I never imagined would have a requirement for a tracking unit but when it comes to saving money each person would want to put more on the line of their profits.

Here are some examples of what companies use for vehicle tracking and the benefits it can bring them.

Corporate Limousine / chauffeur - The first question they always ask is I can see what my drivers do when they're waiting to pick up guests? More often than not the driver will have about 6 hours to elapse before a stag or hen party crawl into the back of a stretched limousine, after they have fallen from the driver are then have a choice as to whether he was driving round London, taking in the sites, back to basics, park or even doing some personal work on the side? Say no limousine 10miles per gallon and drive the 10 miles between drop off and pick up enjoying the sights London, which will cost about £ 6 in wasted fuel, imagine if they did this every day for a year, this would equate to £ 2,190 for one vehicles, with a fleet of 10 will be an additional £ 21,900 in fuel bills of the company.

Vending Company - A very simple task for the employee is to drive to a specific location, filling vending machines, perform a variety of inspection and move on to the next job. Says it takes 30 minutes to fill a vending machine, you as the operations manager will want to see a report with all the travel and time stops. If one employee can do the job in 15 days and others just do 10 you'll want to analyze why. This could be down to drive again between jobs, traffic problems or just too slow and labor productivity is being affected. With a fleet management system you can plan a better route, make sure they spend enough time with customers and better understand local problems for employees, thereby increasing productivity and increase profits.

Shipping Company - I know how annoying it is when a shipping company says that they will give you the package 09:00 to 17:00, how often they arrived at 4:55 means that you have to sit around all day twiddling your mother waiting them to come. With the company's fleet management platform can now provide a more accurate delivery time, we can now offer a service where you can get into the live tracker screen so you can see exactly where your delivery vehicle means if you need to pop out you can with the knowledge that they will not be knocking on your door 2 minutes after leaving your house. Currently, this technology can provide market-leading and a huge boost in customer satisfaction. Fleet Manager also can also view your driving behavior on the road. Employees driving a van with the company logo in addition to acting as an ambassador for your company if the driver tail gating, speeding or driving erratically this will affect your company's image. With driver behavior module currently installed in your vehicle can now monitor all aspects of driving means that you can control your driver and reward those who meet driver expectations.

Sales reps - image of a salesperson is very important and is usually the first thing you see is what kind of car they drive. If a salesperson has a lovely new, clean BMW you will immediately think that the company is successful. When the weekend comes I am sure they would be happy to drive round in their new company car and why not? Companies that allow employees to use their personal vehicles, it is a perk of the job. The problem arises when employees put in their hours for private mileage, how do you know it's accurate? Many people are now asking employees to indicate their personal mileage, whether it is for tax purposes or that they can refill the mileage to employees. We are now installing vehicle to vehicle tracker company to take on the responsibility of an employee shall continue to write down their mileage and handed in every Monday morning. With the use of timesheets vehicles we can quickly identify when the car is used outside the hours. Certain parameters can be put on our platform to mark the trip after 7 pm during weekdays or the use of a car on a Sunday meaning the driver does not have to worry about this record. We can even install the system key fob into the dash board so that every time the driver started his engine can choose between business and private mileage. It is inevitable that not all employees will write their personal mileage that the company will lose out on fuel that they have paid for, and some drivers will choose not to use the car on weekends because they know they will cost more to save you money fuel bills.

All of the above are examples of how you can save money by using Vehicle Tracking business, every company out there that has a vehicle fleet management should have a platform, whether it is for 1 or 100 vehicles there are savings to be made.
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