Friday, March 22, 2013

What are the benefits of having Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management?

Reduced operating costs:

Perhaps the biggest factor in vehicle tracking is that you can keep track of all of life vehicles and monitor fuel use, including mileage and fuel abuse, speeding, out of hours, use of the behavior of drivers. You can also direct the driver to the best driving route and highlight when the engine is left running and burning fuel unnecessarily. By having a fleet management platform that means that you can manage your staff and their vehicles more effectively which in turn means that you can increase the productivity of the company. Studies show that we can reduce fuel bills with the company an average of 8.9%.

Better management of vehicle:

Fleet management platform offers the opportunity to be able to track your vehicle's life, which means that if a work emergency pop up that you can easily identify the vehicle through the application of 'nearby vehicle finder'. This means you can get the job done more quickly, keep fuel costs to a minimum and will ultimately enable increased productivity.

Happy customers:

With vehicle tracking allows you to be more accurate at the time of delivery to the customer. Nobody wants to wait for delivery between the hours of 8:30 to 6:00, it was a major inconvenience. Once the route you plan how to keep customers better informed, happier and might provide a competitive advantage over other companies in this economic climate is very important. This then will definitely increase your company's productivity and image.

Reduce document:

Tracking vehicles can bypass the need for manual time sheets, overtime sheets and delivery notes and make some kind of administration which is much more accurate. This means that the admin staff can stop chasing the existence of drivers, vehicles and documents and continue other essential tasks.

Reduced insurance premiums:

Car insurance companies have also recognized the benefits of vehicle tracking and vehicle tracking system installed you can reduce your insurance premiums by a significant amount. Also, if any of you have ever stolen vehicle, Vehicle Tracking Business Platform can be used as a means of recovery as the thieves hidden unit will not realize that they are being tracked live.
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