Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GPS Tracking Solutions

Where drivers now?
Where they had been driving all day?
Are they arrive and leave work at the right time?
How long have they been on the job?
Do you know the nearest vehicle to a specific address?
Are you aware of any unauthorized use of the vehicle fleet?
Did you exceed the limit speeding drivers?

The main idea of ​​GPS tracking is to help companies manage fleet tracking and vehicle tracking needs and answer all the above questions without the need to investigate every driver and every individual. There are many companies that still are not sure about adopting this concept because they feel it only benefits the companies that have a large fleet of vehicles. In fact, both large and small companies can benefit from vehicle tracking.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking - This allows a business to monitor where their vehicles at any given time, therefore it is easy to see delays and to manage the allocation of delivery. A taxi company, for example, will be able to efficiently allocate the job at any time as a function of live tracking will show the operator where each driver is at any given time.

Employee Management - Having a fleet management system in place will give you more control over your employees when out on the road. GPS Tracking will ensure that employees are hitting deadlines on the road, starting and finishing the job at the specified time and to make sure they are using the most direct route. It can also be useful for drivers as well as fleet management platform can identify if they are stuck in traffic and could not make their destination on time. This system will also be identified out of hours use of the vehicle, which means that you can charge for mileage or eradicate the need for employees to fill out personal mileage.

Operational Management - It does not matter if you have 1 or 100 vehicles, vehicle tracking allows businesses to assess and evaluate how the delivery of work which makes it much easier to plan routes and allocate work. We all know that on-time delivery will increase customer satisfaction and gain the edge on your competition can be priceless in today's market. See a reduction in overall operating costs due to increased efficiency is possible, managing fuel bills and related costs can be driven down gives you a greater profit for the year.
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