Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Handle Fraud Monitoring Fuel and Fuel

Fuel Costs Fuel Reporting and Monitoring feature can help fight fraud fuels.

One of the requirements that have been coming more frequently with Vehicle Tracking is a necessity to cut fuel fraud. It is all too common that the driver failed to give the correct number plate gas stations and mileage and what stops an employee gives their partner or friends fuel card?

Currently matching up the fuel card data with the Vehicle Tracking platform much easier, even able to identify if a vehicle is really in a specific fuel station only takes a matter of seconds.

We identified several employees in a sales-driven companies that actually fuel fraud, how can a driver fill 2 tank worth £ 70 each in 3 days? Our vehicle Timesheet reports that he just drove 130 miles and with minimal idling time (7 minutes), we worked out that its Diesel cars have to do close to 10mpg in a car on average closer to 60mpg, we also know what date fuel and time of receipt is printed and when we fit this into his company car fleet management platform is 42 miles away from the garage, because so much evidence against an employee that he lost his job and all more than £ 40 worth of fuel, or could be, unfortunately tracking solution fleet only in place for a month so we can not monitor the conduct before it.

The problem may be much greater for larger organizations and fuel fraud can run into £ 1000 this was syphoning fuel as a way of handing round your fuel card, but the Vehicle Tracking market is now being flooded with CANbus solutions and materials fuel monitoring devices. It is great to see so many ways in which companies can overcome things like fuel fraud, there will always be people who can beat the system, but it's our job to make it harder and harder for fraudsters and employees will eventually be caught!
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