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History of Motorcycles

Most of us have ridden a motorcycle at one time or another. The idea for their design came from the development of the bike. I think people are looking for a faster way to move their bicycle along, or perhaps one that is not physically exerting for them. The first motorcycle every made is credited to Gottllieb Daimler in 1885. This gas powered motorcycle was basically a gas engine attached to a standard bicycle. However, Gottllieb decided not to pursue making motorcycles and choose instead to focus on manufacturing cars.

During this period, other people are playing around with the concept of motorcycle. Some of the people behind this are experimenting William Harley and Arthur Davidson. You guessed it, the dynamic duo behind the amazing line of Harley-Davidson motorcycles that have become popular around the world since 1903.

People are very interested in this convenient mode of transport because it is very economical. Communities like the idea of ​​motorized transportation, but cars are still more expensive than most people can afford. However, some people soon realized that they would need to buy a motorcycle instead of a car to transport their entire family.

Some of the pioneer motorcycle successfully built companies like Harley-Davidson. However, many who have never had the money to start a business properly and make it prosperous. Others left to go fight in the war and the other bankrupt trying to market their motorcycle ideas during the Depression them.

One downfall to motorcycles in the 1950's is that you have to have a great understanding of the mechanics to be able to operate one. American bike manufacturers did not pursue making advances in that department until they started facing competition from Japan. They developed a system of electric motor start offering today. This important feature allowed motorcycles to transform from small mopeds and scooters to powerful machines.

American motorcycle manufacturers did not see Japanese bikes as a threat, but this is a serious miscalculation on their part. It did not take long for American manufacturers to realize that they were losing consumers to the Japanese market. This led to the introduction of new models in order to prevent them from losing more of the market. Baby boomers continued to purchase Japanese bikes as they offered more power and sold at a very good price.

Motorcycles have certainly changes since their introduction. Currently, the market is saturated with brand names that are well known in the motorcycle industry. Each offers a variety of models to choose from as well as a unique style and design. Regardless of the type of motorcycle you're interested, you're sure to find one with the features and power you are looking for.

As the top motorcycle manufacturers continue to strive to come up with models that will please the consumer while out shining their competitors, you will have a lot more options. As technology advances you will find faster, more durable, and less expensive motorcycle options on the market. Harley-Davidson continues to be at the top position, selling more motorcycles than any other manufacturer. In fact, most of their bikes are sold even before they leave the factory. While they remain one of the most expensive motorcycle producers, consumers are willing to pay for quality and strength behind them.

When it comes to the motorcycle industry, consumers have come to learn that quality and reliability are more important than saving a few bucks along the way. A motorcycle is generally a large investment, and consumers want to be happy with the products they select. Issues brand name loyalty also comes into play with motorcycles. Since each manufacturer now offers a full line of different models and types of motorcycles, there is no reason why you can not purchase both the brand and style you are looking for.
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