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Only 1 in 5 Companies using Vehicle Tracking System!

What is the reason for today's companies that choose not to have a tracking device fitted to their vehicles despite the financial benefits and efficiencies that can be gained?

What is the main barrier to have a Fleet Management System installed?

Do you have a right to know where your company vehicles and how they are being driven?

Resistance Driver - Many employees view the vehicle tracking unit as a way to spy on their drivers. The main constraint is that you can monitor your personal use of the driver, it does not seem so bad at the van company but when you have a company car and you are allowed to use the vehicle when you want to aspects of 'Big Brother' continues to be a buy, but if it is a vehicle you and fuel you why do not you have a right to know where it is and when it has been used? Has the HR department at your side can always be a big factor in Vehicle Tracking, if you just take it as a necessity to bring it into line with your insurance policy and security measures so you do not have an option driver (drivers who typically oppose the idea of ​​tracking vehicles usually those who know that they have to change their ways). Insert this into your employee handbook also means that the new employee will sign and acknowledge that they are aware that there is a tracking device in the vehicle company.

Speeding in a company vehicle for personal use is also another area that the company does not want to tackle but they are breaking the law and they are using your vehicle so why would not you want to know, also if your company logo on the side of their vehicle could damage the image of your company, the driver is ambassadors of your company while driving even when it is being used for personal use and is not to be forgotten.

A few months ago we ran an experiment on two van companies to see how they treat their company vehicles', we asked the driver to continue their driving habits and do not think about a vehicle that has a tracker and the results are as follows:

Sunday 1-314 speeding violations that 120 is more than 80mph.

After 1 week figures released for the driver, we then ask them to drive knowing that we will monitor driver habits and how they would encourage Transport managers know that they will get a weekly report, the results are as follows:

Speeding violations 2-57 Sunday the first of more than 80mph.

Did not take much analysis to understand where you can make savings on fuel costs, driving 90mph rather than 70mph uses 15% more fuel with this one feature will reduce fuel bills. We can also reduce the risk of accidents and keep the vehicle in a better condition because it is driven carefully. Since the trial, the company invested in our Telematics systems and have seen substantial savings on their fuel bills just from this one feature, not to mention increased productivity and the use of Timesheets vehicles, they no longer rely on drivers to give them overtime hours can now be done automatically and without distinction.

There is always resentment when Fleet Management System is put in place, but after a few months it does not subside and they are used to track, sometimes share info with driver puts them more comfortable. Many companies now use it as healthy competition to reward drivers not speeding or breaking boundaries always come to the site on time.

From the point of view of transport manager admin enormous benefits, private mileage can be monitored and recorded, timesheets vehicles are also available and can be signed directly by the driver without having to wait for them to give up time travel mileage. Customer / client disputes can be resolved with the use of telematics systems, missing a promise to leave the site early can cause problems with your customers but through historical reporting can be monitored and dealt with accordingly.

Overcoming backlash driver is never easy, but if you provide your own vehicle for your new employees have a right to know where it is and how it is being driven, and also if you can save money on fuel bills and improve the productivity of investment return will be more than cover the cost of the system.

Cost of the system is probably the biggest barrier we encountered from customers as people do not realize how quickly they can get back the money back, considering the money you can save through the system directly to the profit line, just reduce your fuel bills by 10% a savings that any owner would like to see go to them rather than out of their fleet vehicle exhaust.
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